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Publisher's Notes: Oh No! MOMO!

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Dear Friends:

If you have been keeping up with my despair about the frenzy of companies “going private,” then you can imagine how horrified I was to see Momo’s management taking it private. This company debuted on the Nasdaq in mid-December 2014.

The company may end up holding the world record for least SEC filings of a public company trading on a Big Board. I guess the thrill is gone.

If I was new to China sector, I think I would think twice before investing in China-based/US listed company.

Of note: While I can’t possibly publish a daily email, I am using Twitter more than I have in the past to get out information on timely news, such as when companies announce their have received “Going Private” proposals. If you are a Twitter user, follow me: @JanetCBK.

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Have a great weekend!

Janet Stites