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No investor, nor company, can make it to every conference which features China-based companies trading on the U.S. markets. To bridge this gap, and due to the global nature of the sector of China-based/U.S. listed companies, CBK is launching this “Company Presentation” page where for a modest fee companies in the sector can post their video, audio or PowerPoint presentations. Companies are listed alphabetically by exchange, but will also be searchable by industry sector (to come). CBK will be promoting the site internationally in an effort to bring the sector to a wider group of investors, promote trading volume and serve as both a Public and Investors Relations as a whole.
For more information, or pricing, please email Janet Stites: jstites@chinabusinessknowledge.com.

Sino Green Land Corporation

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Sino Green Land Corporation is an agricultural distributor of high end fruits and vegetables in the People’s Republic of China. The company was founded in 2003. It has grown from a small distributor of various produce to become a large distributor of high-end fruits such as: Fuji apples, emperor bananas and tangerine oranges. Sino Green Land is also a “Green Food” distributor, a designation standard set by China’s Ministry of Agriculture, and recognized by over 40 trade partner countries. Through its relationship with the China Green Food Association, Sino Green Land has access to distribute over 17,000 food items from more than 6,000 producers. The company’s Green Food distribution covers both Chinese and overseas markets.